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Disabled and Mental Health Services


Service: PASSE (Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity

The Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) is a new model of organized care that will address the needs of certain Medicaid beneficiaries who have complex behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disabilities service needs. The PASSE model is a Medicaid-funded program. It does not change a person’s eligibility for Medicaid, but it changes the way services are paid for by Medicaid for certain eligible individuals.

PASSE (Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity): Website

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Phone: 1-866-282-6280
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DHS PASSE Provider Line:1-888-889-6451

Website: PASSE (Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity
Service: Therapeutic Counseling Services
About: The Department of Human Services contracts with 27 providers of mental health services across the state to ensure state-funded mental health services are available to those without insurance coverage. Therapeutic Counseling Service contractors are required to provide Counseling Level Services, such as individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychoeducation, and multi-family groups. These contractors are mandated to assist persons who have no insurance to secure health insurance coverage if they are eligible.
Website: Therapeutic Counseling Providers by County
Service: SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR)
About: SOAR is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and is a national program designed to increase access to the disability income benefit programs administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for eligible adults and children who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, and have a serious mental illness, medical impairment, and/or a co-occurring substance use disorder. SOAR seeks to end homelessness through increased access to SSI/SSDI income supports as we believe that finding a safe and stable place to live is the first step to recovery.
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Service: Adaptive Equipment | More Information
About: This service is for the purchase, leasing and repair of adaptive, therapeutic and augmentative equipment. This equipment must be required for the individual to increase, maintain or improve their ability to perform daily life tasks.
Service: Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Services (DDTCS)
About: A Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Service provides an array of comprehensive day treatment (services) to individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities in a clinic setting. Core services that may be provided in accordance with the license granted to the clinic by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) include the following: Diagnosis and Evaluation
Service: Developmental Disability Respite Care
About: Respite care is a service provided to or for any waiver individual who are unable to care for themself on a short-term basis. This may be due to the absence of or need for relief of non-paid indi-viduals who normally provide the care. Non-paid individuals may include parents of minors, primary caregivers and spouses of participants, grandparents, friends and relatives.
Service: Drug Addiction/Abuse Services
About: Outpatient care, residential care, Specialized Women's Services (SWS) and early intervention.
Service: PASSE Office of the Ombudsman
About: It is the responsibility of the PASSE Ombudsman Office to ensure that compassion, respect, trust, and integrity- all core values of the Arkansas Department of Human Services(DHS)-are demonstrated in resolving issues or complaints from beneficiaries who are PASSE members.
Contact: PASSE Ombudsman Office: 1-844-843-7351 | Email
Website: PASSE Office of the Ombudsman
Service: Beneficiary Support
About: The Aging, Adult, and Behavioral Health Services Beneficiary Support unit serves as a guide to Medicaid beneficiaries and applicants as they navigate the DHS system. Additionally, this unit researches and responds to a wide variety of inquiries about general Medicaid, waiver, and behavioral health services.
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