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Service: Arkansas Community Service Awards | More Information
About: Arkansas Community Service Awards have recognized individuals and businesses for their dedication and commitment to supporting volunteerism throughout Arkansas.
Service: Community Service Learning - Act 648 | More Information
About: Legislation passed in 1993, Act 648 allows a secondary student who has completed a minimum of seventy-five (75) clock hours of documented community service learning, as certified by the service organization to the school, to be eligible to receive one (1) academic credit that may be applied toward graduation.
Service: Community Services Block Grant Program | More Information
About: The Community Services Block Grant Program provides funds to support services and activities that are designed to assist low-income families to become self-sufficient. Services are provided through the 16 Community Action Agencies in the state.
Contact: 501-682-8719
Service: Governor’s Volunteer Recognition Program | More Information
About: OCCE provides recognition materials for volunteer programs statewide. These materials range from certificates to bookmarks, from promotional packets to help promote your programs, to contact information for national recognition. All materials are provided free of charge.
Service: Volunteer Community of the Year Award | More Information
About: This award is designed to offer thanks and a reward to communities for their volunteer effort in serving their neighbors.


Service: Community Service Supervision - Juvenile | More Information
About: A program that provides a site for community service work, supervision of the juvenile on the work site by program staff, and reports to the court regarding compliance with the established case plan.
Service: Community-based Programs
About: The community-based program network consists of thirteen (13) non-profit organizations. The Division contracts with these programs to provide residential and non-residential services to youth who are delinquents, status offenders (FINS), or youth at risk (i.e., youth who exhibit behavior that if continued would bring them into contact with the juvenile justice system). Services are provided within the juvenile's own community, which is consistent with the concept of providing treatment in the least restrictive environment.
Service: Volunteer Recognition | More Information
About: Request certificates and other volunteer recognition items.
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