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Service: Jump Start Program | More Information
About: The Division of Services for the Blind (DSB) and the Arkansas School for the Blind and visually impaired (ASBVI) hosts the summer Jump Start Program. This program is open to blind and severely visually impaired youth ages 16-19 years. Students are assisted in obtaining a part-time summer job and offered the opportunity to participate in recreational and educational enrichment activities.
Contact: 501-682-0330 or 1-800-960-9270
Service: Older Individuals who Are Blind | More Information
About: This program provides independent living services to older individuals who are blind, conduct activities that will improve or expand services for these individuals and conduct activities to help improve public understanding of the problems of these individuals. These services assist people in learning how to care for themselves, travel independently, and perform home management skills and other activities to promote self-reliance. Family involvement and support services are strongly encouraged. DSB contracts this service.
Contact: 1-800-960-9270
Service: Vending Facility Program | More Information
About: The Vending Facility Program (VFP) Services are available to eligible blind persons who are interested in and have the necessary skills to manage snack bars throughout the state. VFP locates the sales site, equips and stocks the facility initially, maintains the equipment, and provides oversight and record keeping.


Service: Independent Living Rehabilitation Service for the Blind | More Information
About: This is a coordinated system of services to improve the ability of an individual with a severe disability to function, continue functioning, or move toward functioning independently in the family, community or to continue in employment.
Contact: 1-800-960-9270
Service: Referral Request for Blind Services | More Information
About: Looking for services for the blind or visually impaired in your area? Send us your contact information and we will direct you to helpful services.
Service: Vocational Rehabilitation Services | More Information
About: The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services is a comprehensive state program to assess needs, and to plan, develop and provide job-related services to blind or severely visually impaired individuals. Such services are designed to assist you to prepare for employment that is commensurate within your abilities, interests and informed choice and consistent with your strengths, resources, concerns and capabilities. VR services are available to you, if you are blind or have a severe visual impairment and are not currently employed; or if you are seeking to advance in your present career.
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