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CES Waiver

The Division of Developmental Disabilities Services Waiver Services section provides a variety of community-based services to eligible individuals in addition to the management, policy development, planning and administration of the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver.

The Community Employment Support (CES) Waiver offers services in your community to support clients with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) with all major life activities, such as living independently and working at a job with help from an employment coach. The program promotes inclusion for clients through community experiences and provides care coordination for getting services. The goal of the waiver is simple: it helps clients with IDD to live in the community rather than in an institutional setting such as a nursing home or Intermediate Care Facility.

Arkansans of all ages with IDD may apply. There is a waitlist for services through the waiver.You may hear people refer to these as “waiver” services, “DD waiver” services, or home and community-based services. These services are not generally covered by traditional Medicaid, which provides health care and non-emergency transportation.

Because waiver programs have different eligibility rules than traditional Medicaid, your family may not currently be eligible for traditional Medicaid Health Care benefits but may still be eligible for waiver services. 

To get started, contact the Intake and Referral helpline in the DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) at 501-683-5687. A specialist will help you with the application.

Once you apply, a clinical review team will review your medical records to decide if your level of care needs meet the waiver requirements. They look at:

  • Any diagnosis or condition you may have and whether it is expected to continue indefinitely
  • Whether you meet level of care requirements showing that substantial support is needed in at least three of five areas: self-care, understanding and use of language, learning, mobility, self-direction, or ability to live independently

If you have the required level of care need, you will be placed on the CES Waiver waiting list. As of October 2020, about 4,500 people are waiting for a CES Waiver slot. Right now, it takes about 10 years from the time you are placed on the waiting list to the time you can begin accessing waiver services.

  • If you need Health Care coverage while you are on the waiting list, you can apply through the Access Arkansas website at access.arkansas.gov to find out if you are eligible for programs like traditional Medicaid, ARKids First, or TEFRA.
  • You also may apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Medicaid at ssa.gov/benefits/ssi.

Once you start to get CES Waiver services, you can continue to get the services as long as you meet program eligibility and are actively participating in the program by following your person-centered service plan developed for you each year.

Today, there is a waitlist for waiver services. you will remain on the waiting list until a CES Waiver slot becomes available. Eligible clients on the waiting list move into waiver slots based on when they were added to the waitlist. You will get a letter each year from DDS to update your contact information.

You can find out your waitlist number by email at DHS.DDS.Waiver.AU@dhs.arkansas.gov or by calling 501-683-0569. 

If you apply and are approved for Medicaid, you can get these services while on the waiting list:

  • Primary Care Physician (PCP)
  • Physician Specialists
  • Personal Care
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Occupational, Physical, & Speech Therapy
  • Hospital Services
  • Medicines
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Counseling
  • Early Intervention Day Treatment – evaluation as well as therapeutic, developmental, and preventative services provided by a licensed pediatric day treatment clinic
  • Adult Developmental Day Treatment – assessments, supervised living services, and educational services provided by a licensed adult day treatment clinic

* Some specialized services require a PCP referral and evaluation.

Title Type
Community Employment Support (CES) Waiver Fact Sheet PDF
Waiver Eligibility Information (Access Arkansas)  WEB
Appeal information PDF
Children with Disabilities Service Guide | English PDF
Adults with Disabilities Service Guide | English PDF
U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare and Medicaid Services WEB

Waiver Renewal

The following are for the implementation of the Waiver renewal effective October 1, 2017.

Title Type
Social History Form DOCX
CES-104 | Areas of Need Form DOCX
CES-105 | Withdrawl Form DOCX
CES-107 | Minimum Wage Change Form XLSX
CES-108 | PCSP CSR Narrative Form DOCX
CES-109 | Risk Assessment Form DOCX
CES-110 | Pro-Rated Staff Worksheets XLSX
CES-111 | Unable to Serve Form DOCX
CES-115 | Change of Address Form DOCX
CES-116 | Abeyance Monthly Report DOCX
CES-204 | Waiver Face Sheet DOCX
CES-703 | Waiver PCSP Forms DOCX
CES Waiver: Renewal AR.0188.R05.04 PDF

Waiver Training

The following presentations supplement Waiver Services information.

04/20/2018 CES PASSE Training Webinar LINK


Encrypted Email From DDS

A recent change to the DHS system allows for outgoing email containing sensitive information to be encrypted. Now DDS does not use WinZip to encrypt outgoing email nor does DDS maintain a password for email recipients.




Title Type Posted Date
CES Waiver Provider List PDF 01/15/2021








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